Web Design

Red Anvil Comics

Web Design for an entire site can be challenging. Red Anvil Comics is a New Jersey based comic publishing company that wanted a site re-design. They’ve worked with legends. They’ve brought together indie comic creators from across the country and published volumes of their work.

With decades of comics to their credit going back to the 1990’s they were a client that focused on print publishing but needed a site that was as up-to-date and modern as their newest series of books.

After talking with the client, and reviewing their previous site, we chose a comic themed look for the re-designed site. Red Anvil wanted a modern HTML5 site that was search engine friendly with functionality to show off their artists and titles.

Red Anvil Comics

The final product was a modern looking site that utilized a Javascript based slider to avoid Flash problems. The slider animated to show each of their flagship titles to all browsers and devices. Each of the pages included their large social media network presences. Last we added a detailed contact form for comic shops or individuals to order comics directly from the publisher.


Web and Graphic Design

SISA Tech Web Design

As part of my capabilities I work in both graphic design and web design. Two recent freelance design clients approached me for jobs that involved both.

Both clients were located in Australia but each had clear ideas about what they wanted. The first was an IT company called SISA Tech. They are a start-up that specializes in IT support and use proprietary web-based software that allows their clients to have a comprehensive and agile approach to their hardware assets.

Gluten Free For Me Web Design

The second company is a mail order specialty foods company in Queensland. They wanted re-design of their current site which needed several improvements.

First, they needed to update their logo which was in black and white and at too small of a resolution to be featured prominently to establish their brand through out their new site. I slightly modified their existing logo and created a file that could be used for both and web and print.

Next, two PSD designs were shown to the client in order o get approval and begin coding the elements in HTML and CSS.

Gluten Free For Me Web Design

The first design used mainly green in order to reflect the eco-friendly and health conscious ethos of the company. This design made viewing products and buying them very easy with a large “viewing pane” prominently featured at the top of the page.

Gluten Free For Me Web Design

The second design was made using black as the central color in order to reflect a more professional appearance for this company and serve as a sharp contrast the very colorful selections of food. Orange yams for example, really “popped off” the page due to this contrast in color.

eLearning Animation

Online College Graphic Design Ball State Paul Schmitt

This image, made for a freshman Higher Ed course, is a graphic method for students to be introduced to a basic textual tenet of Biology. As graphics based information it quickly and efficiently demonstrates Franceso Redi’s practical experiment disproving the concept of “spontaneous generation”.

This piece for freshman Biology is being entered as part of Communication Art Magazine‘s 2012 annual Graphic Design contest in the category of Informational Graphics and stands a strong chance in the competition.

DVD/CD Design

Sales Tools Advertising Graphic Design Paul Schmitt

This freelance design, coding and flash animation job was actually 5-6 jobs over the course of 6 months. It was up to me as a Freelancer to take the pre-existing art and template then update it for the year. This was a method that provided brand continuity.

There were many pre-assembled Flash and graphics assets involved that I took and re-purposed for new clients for this product.