eLearning Animation

Online College Graphic Design Ball State Paul Schmitt

This image, made for a freshman Higher Ed course, is a graphic method for students to be introduced to a basic textual tenet of Biology. As graphics based information it quickly and efficiently demonstrates Franceso Redi’s practical experiment disproving the concept of “spontaneous generation”.

This piece for freshman Biology is being entered as part of Communication Art Magazine‘s 2012 annual Graphic Design contest in the category of Informational Graphics and stands a strong chance in the competition.


DVD/CD Design

Sales Tools Advertising Graphic Design Paul Schmitt

This freelance design, coding and flash animation job was actually 5-6 jobs over the course of 6 months. It was up to me as a Freelancer to take the pre-existing art and template then update it for the year. This was a method that provided brand continuity.

There were many pre-assembled Flash and graphics assets involved that I took and re-purposed for new clients for this product.