Web Design

Red Anvil Comics

Web Design for an entire site can be challenging. Red Anvil Comics is a New Jersey based comic publishing company that wanted a site re-design. They’ve worked with legends. They’ve brought together indie comic creators from across the country and published volumes of their work.

With decades of comics to their credit going back to the 1990’s they were a client that focused on print publishing but needed a site that was as up-to-date and modern as their newest series of books.

After talking with the client, and reviewing their previous site, we chose a comic themed look for the re-designed site. Red Anvil wanted a modern HTML5 site that was search engine friendly with functionality to show off their artists and titles.

Red Anvil Comics

The final product was a modern looking site that utilized a Javascript based slider to avoid Flash problems. The slider animated to show each of their flagship titles to all browsers and devices. Each of the pages included their large social media network presences. Last we added a detailed contact form for comic shops or individuals to order comics directly from the publisher.


About gargantuanmedia
A Graphic Designer in the American Midwest publishing webcomics and articles on Amazon, Etsy and Ebay.

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